National Meet Bid Form


National Meet Bid Sheet

Name of sponsoring Club: _________________________________________________________

Date of Show: ____________________________________Location of Show:____________________________


Average total size of previous shows held at this location:________________ Number of Reds: ________


Has this club ever hosted a Red Club, APA or ABA Annual or Semi-Annual meet? ______________________


Is so, please give the date and approximate number of birds: __________________________________________


Number of members in the club: __________ Have they vote favorably on this bid?_______________________


Location of nearest airport: ______________________ Distance from the show: _________________________


Will transportation for guests and birds to and from the airport to the show or motel be furnished? ___________


If so, give the name, address and phone number of the person to contact for arrangements:




Name of headquarters motel/hotel: _____________________________________________________________


Its distance from the show: __________ Does it have facilities for Director’s meeting? ________ If not, where


can this be held: ____________________________________________________________________________


Will a banquet be held? _______________ Are there meeting rooms available in or near the showroom? ______


List other pertinent information on back of sheet for Board of Directors to consider including awards offered by your club for Rhode Island Reds.


Signature, title, name, address and phone number of persons authorized to make arrangements with the club in


event the show is awarded the meet:


Signature: _____________________ Name and Title: ______________________________________________










Your bids can be sent to


RIRCA P.O. Box 52  Campbell Hall, NY 10916  (281) 770-4750    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.